Wood Cornices Renton

Wood Cornices Renton


Window wood cornices in Renton, WA are decorative pieces that frame the top of a window. They typically hide the wood cornices Renton of the built-in window frame and poke out into the room where they are mounted. The wood cornices Renton for windows have been used in building construction and home design for many, many years. Modern window cornices are far less likely to be elaborate and ornate than older versions may have been. Some wood cornices Renton are made completely of wood, though the vast majority nowadays are constructed from fabric and simple wooden frames.

For wood cornices Renton that are beautiful and decorative, opt for the wood cornices Renton from Window-ology. We provide:

  • Wood window valance
  • Wood cornice boards
  • Wood cornice box
  • Wooden window valance box

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Wooden Cornice Renton


While wooden cornice Renton do not themselves provide any significant structural support for walls or windows, they do serve a valuable function for the home. In addition to adding a tasteful design element, the wooden cornice Renton keeps unsightly hardware out of the way. Window wooden cornice Renton gives you a chance to play up the architecture of the room by designating the window as a focal point. Windows are often designed to let light in without themselves being obtrusive. A wooden cornice can truly accentuate a window’s natural architectural elements.

For tastefully designing your room, choose our wooden cornice Renton as an option. With us you get:

  • Modern wood cornice
  • Wooden valance for blinds
  • Wood valance over window
  • Rustic wood valances

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Window Cornices Renton


Use coordinating window cornices Renton to anchor multiple windows spread throughout the room. You can also choose one to accent the window cornices Renton with the greatest view outdoors as a place to set an elaborate cornice. Whether you prefer patterned fabric or a simple box design, our window cornices Renton option set your room apart in the very best way. In the living room, our window cornices Renton will provide structure and anchoring at a point other than the television, to which attention naturally flows.

To choose a stately cornice design that has an arch toward the middle to accent a high ceiling or loft extension, our window cornices Renton offer you a variety of choices. We offer:

  • Wooden valance box
  • Upholstered valance
  • Modern wood cornice
  • Window valances and cornices

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