Wood Cornices Federal Way

Wood Cornices Federal Way


Installing wood cornices in your Federal Way, WA home is a great way of uplifting the interior decor. A wooden cornice makes a dramatic addition to the window, giving an elegant finish to the window covering. Additionally, Federal Way wood cornices serve the purpose of hiding the unattractive hardware of window treatments.

Get in touch with Window-ology if you are planning to add wood cornices Federal Way to your home. As a long-standing, highly reputable supplier of window coverings and accessories, we are the perfect place to come for window cornices.

All our products and services are customized to fulfill the specific decor requirements and unique personal preferences of the property owners who come to us. Things are no different when it comes to Federal Way wood cornices. Contact us to know about the finish options available in:

  • Wood window valance
  • Wooden valance
  • Wood window cornice
  • Wooden valance box

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Wooden Cornice Federal Way


Both fabric valance and wooden cornice Federal Way are top window treatments that add style, depth and dimension to the room. The difference is that Federal Way wooden cornice look more tailored and formal.

Whether wood cornices are given a good finish or covered with a material fitted around the frame, they have a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Wooden cornice Federal Way pieces can give the perfect touch of style when placed over any of the common window treatments, including:

  • Curtains
  • Drapes
  • Shades
  • Blinds

Schedule an in-home consultation with our experts to discuss your exact requirements for Federal Way wooden cornice pieces.

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Window Cornices Federal Way


Our company places a high premium on quality and goes all out to provide the finest possible window cornices Federal Way to its customers. Premium quality wood is used for making the Federal Way window cornices and these are fabricated exquisitely by master craftsmen.

When you come to us for wooden window cornices Federal Way, be sure of having products that stay looking and working great for years to come. Being a customer-friendly business, we take care to offer Federal Way window cornices at a fair price.

Look no further than us if you are searching for professionals that can help add beauty, style and character to your window with a top-notch:

  • Window cornice box
  • Cornice valance
  • Wood cornice box
  • Cornice window valance

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