Pirouette Shades Bonney Lake

Pirouette Shades Bonney Lake


If you want to combine the elegant look of a traditional fabric shade with better control over privacy and lighting in the room, consider having Pirouette shades in your Bonney Lake, WA home.

Pirouette window shadings are a product exclusive to the leading manufacturer of window treatments, Hunter Douglas. Bonney Lake Pirouette shades feature front-facing, softly contoured horizontal fabric vanes that are attached to a single sheer backing. The opening and closing of Pirouette shades Bonney Lake with the touch of a button involves a fluid movement of the vanes, allowing customized light and UV protection control.

At Window-ology, we are proud to be the foremost source for Bonney Lake Pirouette shades. Contact us to learn more about Pirouette blinds. Let us help you enhance your home with:

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Pirouette Blinds Bonney Lake


We strive to cater to all types of demands for Pirouette blinds Bonney Lake. Besides installing Pirouette shades for the typical window shapes and styles, we also offer Bonney Lake Pirouette blinds in specialty shapes.

With us, you can rest assured about getting Pirouette blinds Bonney Lake for uncommon window designs that include angles, arches, circles, ovals, hexagons and octagons. We also meet diverse preferences and allow customization of the window coverings by providing Bonney Lake Pirouette blinds in a wide variety of:

  • •Fabric of blinds
  • Color of blinds
  • Opacity of blinds
  • Vane size of blinds
  • Price of blinds

Schedule a visit to us today to check out our selection and find the ideal Pirouette shades for your home.

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Pirouette Window Shadings Bonney Lake


Our Pirouette window shadings Bonney Lake improve the aesthetics and functionality of a room significantly. The gorgeous, soft shades with a sheer fabric backing add a dash of sophistication to the interior decor.

Meanwhile, the smooth, roller shade-like operation of the Bonney Lake Pirouette window shadings make it very easy to lighting up or darkening the room as per requirement.

We are committed to ensuring that you get optimal utility and satisfaction from your investment in the Pirouette window shadings Bonney Lake. We send over well-trained, experienced technicians for measuring your window space and then for installing the Bonney Lake Pirouette window shadings in your property.

Do make us your first stop for:

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