Sunscreen Shades Fife

Sunscreen Shades Offer Sun Protection for Fife Windows


For cool and comfortable interiors, you need to have proper shades installed on the windows of your home. If the shades in your home are worn out and you are contemplating their replacement, we can help. We at Window-ology offer superior quality sunscreen shades for windows for Fife, WA homes. Having the right type of sunscreen shades in your Fife home can provide you comfortable interiors while keeping the harmful UV rays out. As an established company for interior sun shades, we provide the following services related to sunscreen shades for Fife homeowners:

  • Installation of inside solar shades
  • Repair of outdoor shades
  • Maintenance of solar window coverings

You can choose the appropriate sunscreen shades for your home right for your budget and your preferences. You can even consult our interior decorators in choosing the perfect roller shades and solar shades for your home.

Roller Shades Are a Great Way for Light Control in Fife Homes


Available in a large variety of colors, materials and fabrics, roller shades for Fife homes are perfect if you seek control over the light that comes in from outside. The new light blocking material in roller shades offer complete blackout. There are several other benefits of roller shades for Fife homeowners including:

  • Can be combined with other window treatments
  • Economical
  • Raise and lower in one easy motion

You can rely on us for superior quality installation of roller shades in your home as we use the latest tools and equipment.

Solar Shades by Hunter Douglas Come in Many Design Options


While roller shades offer complete blackout, you can keep the view maintained while minimizing the glare with solar shades in your Fife home. As an established company carrying various window treatment products, we have a wide variety of solar shades for your home. Some of the top brands that we have include Hunter Douglas solar shades, Graber, and Insolroll.

The Hunter Douglas solar shades are very popular as they come in different color and design options. You can expect to get the following benefits from the solar shades:

  • Heat reduction
  • Glare reduction
  • Reduction of exposure to UV rays

If you are looking forward to replacing the old sunscreen shades in your Fife home with new ones and want the assistance of a reliable company, call us at 253-236-9600.