Blind Repair - SeaTac

Blind Repair SeaTac


Blinds add a sense of structured aesthetic beauty to any room. But when the blinds start to lose their shape or do not work properly, it calls for blind repair.

Blind repair is a simple process to restore the form and beauty of the blind. Also, blind repair is much cheaper than replacing the whole blind! Window-ology is one of the most reputable blind repair companies in the SeaTac, WA area.

We have been in the blind repair business for many years and always guarantee customer satisfaction. But understand that replacing a blind can be costly, which is why we try our best to fix your blinds with blind repair.

We provide blind repair for both horizontal and vertical blinds. Our experts analyze the following before blind repair:

  • The damage to the blind
  • How old is the blind
  • The material of the blind
  • The current condition of the blind

Window Blind Parts SeaTac


Do you need to repair your blinds? In that case, you will require the right window blind parts for proper repair. Many times, the reason blinds stop working is because a part is missing.

Instead of replacing the whole blind, it is best to buy window blind parts and replace the missing or broken parts. However, replacing or fixing window blind parts on your own is not very easy.

For those who are looking for a company which provides window blind parts and repair in SeaTac, get in touch with us. We will send out our expert technicians to repair and replace window blind parts.

Common window blind parts include:

  • Blind carriers
  • Tilt gear cords
  • Carrier stems
  • Brackets

SeaTac Shade Repair


Shade repair at home can be quite a challenge. That is why we are here for all your shade repair requirements! Our shade repair experts are experienced and hard working.

And we always ensure that our shade repair service is cost effective and fits well within your budget. For those who want to work with the experts of shade repair in SeaTac, give us a call.

Whether you are using roman shades, motorized shades or sunscreen shades, we can fix them all. Our shade repair service is not limited to any type of shades. For us, no shade repair job is too big!

Some common shade damage which requires shade repair:

  • Shades need restringing
  • CC loops need repairing
  • Cord locks are faulty
  • Honeycombs need to be separated

If you are looking for a company that provides blind repair and shade repair services in the SeaTac area, give Window-ology a call. Reach us at (253) 236-9600.