Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades Auburn


Woven wood shades, also known as bamboo shades, are a beautiful and natural window treatment. We at Window-ology, in Auburn, WA, have the popular woven wood shades for you to consider. Woven wood shades add a wonderful texture and style to any room in your home near Auburn. Many throughout Auburn enjoy the way their room glows when the sun shines through their woven wood shades.

We offer Auburn a variety of woven wood shades, including:

  • Bamboo woven wood shades
  • Grass woven wood shades
  • Reeds woven wood shades
  • Jute woven wood shades
  • Straw woven wood shades

To view or learn more about our woven wood shades we have for Auburn, call Window-ology today.

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Woven Wood Blinds Auburn


Woven wood blinds are an excellent option of window treatment for modernists and traditionalists throughout Auburn. Woven wood blinds can instantly add visual interest to your room decor near Auburn because of their rich and organic texture. Woven wood blinds can either be used along for your window treatment are be paired with beautiful drapery panels. We love the versatility that woven wood blinds provide.

Our woven wood blinds give a clean and simple look with a neat stack when they are raised. We even have options for woven wood blinds to include blackout and privacy linings.

Some of the styles of woven wood blinds we have at our Auburn location include:

  • Waterfall woven wood blinds
  • Cascade woven wood blinds
  • Standard woven wood blinds
  • Roller woven wood blinds

Call Window-ology today if you are near Auburn and would like to learn more about our beautiful woven wood blinds.

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Woven Woods Auburn


Woven wood shades are a beautiful, classic and usually affordable option for your window treatments nears Auburn. Many around Auburn love the idea that woven woods are made from natural materials, giving an organic style to their residence.

If you love the look of woven woods, you will be glad to know that there are many benefits of having woven woods as your window treatment option near Auburn. Some of those benefits include:

  • Woven woods environment friendly
  • Woven woods protect from UV rays
  • Woven woods are customizable
  • Woven woods can be motorized
  • Woven woods are functional

Our window treatment consultants want to answer any questions that you may have about woven woods. We have been proudly serving the Auburn region since 1993, and are knowledgeable about our woven woods selection for window treatments.

Near Auburn and want woven woods for your windows? Call Window-ology today to get started!

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