Pirouettes Shades Auburn


Our pirouette shades we have in Auburn are a lovely soft and potentially colorful way to control light in your home near Auburn. These pirouette shades contain a revolutionary lifting system that suspends horizontal fabric vanes, allowing them to float gracefully in your Auburn window. With pirouette shades, you have the ability to achieve precise light control by fully opening or closing the vanes of the pirouette window shadings.

With the click of a button, you have the option to control the UV protection that our pirouette shades give. Another added benefit of our pirouette shades is that they can easily accommodate a large variety of arches and angles with effortless continuity for your windows in the Auburn region. Pirouette shades come in specialty shapes that are mounted inside the window casement and are non-operable and stationary with the vanes permanently closed in the contoured position.

Benefits of our pirouette shades for Auburn include:

  • UV protection with control options
  • Variety of pirouette shades for customization
  • Pirouette shades great for large windows
  • Pirouette shades are seamless

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Pirouette Blinds Auburn


Window-ology has been serving the Auburn, WA region since 1993 for window treatments. One beautiful window treatment option is our pirouette blinds. Pirouette blinds combine the soft fabric of Roman shades and a new way to control light in the room. These pirouette blinds are a higher price point window treatment option at our Auburn shop, but definitely one of our more popular options.

Fabrics, colors and vane sizes for the pirouette blinds are available in variations from semi opaque to room-darkening pirouette blinds.

Our Auburn clients love that our pirouette blinds can come in unique shapes. This is especially important for those needing light control for unusual windows. A few of the specialty shapes we have available for our pirouette blinds include:

  • Pirouette blinds for arches
  • Pirouette blinds for angles
  • Pirouette blinds for hexagons, octagons
  • Pirouette blinds for circles, ovals

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Pirouette Window Shadings Auburn


Do you love the stunning fabric layers of Roman shades, with the appearance of shutters as the vanes are adjusted to open? You would love our pirouette window shadings that we have for Auburn. These gorgeous and soft pirouette window shadings include sheer fabric backing.

Pirouette window shadings allow you to control the light that is let into your Auburn home. You have the option to enjoy soft, filtered light to the tranquility a room-darkening pirouette shades can only bring. The pirouette window shadings that we have near Auburn operate similar to a roller shade as they roll away and disappear into the sleek headrail.

Auburn customers can expect to find the following types of pirouette window shadings, such as:

  • Room-darkening pirouette window shadings
  • Semi opaque pirouette window shadings
  • Patio door pirouette window shadings
  • Pirouette window shadings for bay windows

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