Silhouette Shades Auburn


Window-ology sells silhouette shades to the Auburn, WA region. This innovative design of our silhouette shades allows light to filter through while giving you privacy. Silhouette shades have adjustable S-shaped vanes that look as if they are floating between the sheer fabrics of the silhouette window treatments. We offer the Auburn region a variety of silhouette shades of different fabric textures, color and hardware that meet the design look you want to achieve.

The silhouette shades we have in Auburn are practical when it comes to having options for privacy and light in a room. At our shop in Auburn, you will have a variety of silhouette shades to fit your design aesthetic and budget.

Some of the silhouette shades that we have in Auburn are:

  • Luminette (vertical) silhouette shades
  • Horizontal sheer silhouette shades
  • Light filtering silhouette shades
  • Modern silhouette shades
  • Traditional silhouette shades

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Silhouettes Auburn


Horizontal silhouettes can have the look and feel of soft fabric shades, but function like a typical blind window treatment. Many throughout Auburn love the option that they can have proper window coverings for privacy, but still be able to enjoy the view from their home.

If you want to achieve a soft window treatment option for your residence near Auburn, consider the selection of silhouettes that we have. These beautiful silhouettes allow the perfect amount of light into your Auburn home.

Some key positive features of our silhouettes that we have for Auburn include:

  • Silhouettes have UV protection
  • Silhouettes offer privacy and light control
  • Silhouettes are room darkening
  • Silhouettes give maximum view outdoors

To learn more about the advantages of silhouettes for your home near Auburn, call Window-ology now.

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Silhouette Window Treatments Auburn


Silhouette window treatments are a smart choice when you want light control and the functionality of blinds for your Auburn windows. Silhouette window treatments are a popular option at our Auburn location. Many throughout the Auburn region appreciate the versatility of silhouette window treatments. These timeless window coverings create such a beautiful and warm glow to any room in your home near Auburn.

It doesn’t take much convincing when it comes to why you would want silhouette window treatments for your Auburn residence. Whether you want protection from UV rays, light control or a child friendly option, silhouette window treatments are the way to go! We love that you can customize your silhouette window treatments from the scores of colors and fabric combinations that we offer in Auburn.

We have beautiful colors of silhouette window treatments at our Auburn showroom, including:

  • Oatmeal silhouette window treatments
  • Black silhouette window treatments
  • Soft white silhouette window treatments
  • Cream silhouette window treatments

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