A Wide Selection of Vertical Blinds for the Covington Homeowner


Add timeless beauty and traditional appearance to your windows by decorating them with elegant vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are a great way to spice up your windows and make a wonderful window covering option.

Use of these attractive vertical blinds can be seen in homes all over Covington. Some of their smart features that have made them more popular are:

  • Durability and Varied Dimensions
  • Clean cut and Stylish Looks
  • Much cheaper than many other styles of blinds

Vertical blinds can give your home in Covington the atmosphere that you have always been looking for. Residents of Covington can now get a huge variety of vertical blinds in our store as well as online at Window-ology.

We are one of the best providers of vertical blinds in the Covington area, and have an amazing selection of vertical blinds, French door curtains, and sliding glass door blinds to match your needs.

French Door Curtains For Beauty and Privacy in Covington Homes


Now not only your windows, but also your doors can be beautiful and eye-catching. Doors that may look dull and plain can be transformed into a trendy look with the use of French door curtains.

There are many various styles, patterns and different colors available for your French door curtains that impart a formal or a casual look to the entire ambiance of your home in Covington.

French door curtains rate high not only in terms of looks, but usability as well. Attaching the panel on top as well as on the bottom with rods can help in opening the curtains and drapes without getting snagged.

French door curtains require proper positioning, so try attaching the French door curtains above the French doors to properly span the distance between them. They can be opened easily, allowing the light to come in or to provide privacy whenever you like.

Hunter Douglas Sliding Glass Door Blinds • Luminette Privacy Sheers


Curtains and drapes have been around for so long because of the comfort they provide and their simple look. You must be familiar with the different blinds available these days and their benefits, but there is a new variety available, called sliding glass door blinds.

Sliding glass door blinds are meant to be used for privacy, interior design and comfort. Sliding glass door blinds are available in a range of designs and textures, such as fabrics, vinyl, wood, aluminum etc.

Regardless of which window and door treatment option you go with – vertical blinds, French door curtains, or sliding glass door blinds – Window-ology provides you the best services.

For further assistance with vertical blinds, French door curtains, or sliding glass door blinds in homes in the Covington area, please feel free to call us at 253-236-9600.