Plantation Shutters Provide Classic Beauty in Covington Homes


The extensive variety of window covering options available these days clearly reflects that Covington residents do not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to decorating their homes.

We at Window-ology offer an extensive variety of window shutters, including plantation shutters and interior shutters to give their home décor an exclusive and charming touch. Plantation shutters have always been an integral part of home décor in Covington, as they:

  • Protect the interior of a home from sun damage
  • Offer privacy
  • Ensure a sense of security
  • Act as insulation
  • Control the light

Whatever the reason might be, plantation shutters is one type of window covering that has always been extremely popular among homeowners in Covington.

Their favorable qualities make plantation shutters the first choice of those who love to add an elegant and classic touch to their home décor, but do not want to invest in high maintenance or costly options.

Window Shutters for Privacy and Light Control in Covington


We consider client satisfaction our priority, and we keep upgrading our window shutters to achieve this goal and deliver reliable services each time.

We give special attention to the personal taste and practical needs of our clients in Covington and the window shutters we offer are exclusively selected to offer them the best of both, visual appeal and functionality.

Our simple and elegant window shutters make a very practical choice while lending a homey feel to any décor, along with serving the basic purpose of controlling light and ensuring privacy.

Made from premium quality wood and available in various shades and textures, plantation shutters lend an old world charm to any place where they are installed. They can perfectly match to any décor, whether contemporary or classic.

Interior Shutters by Hunter Douglas • Hardwood, Hybrid & Polysatin Shutters


Interior shutters at Window-ology are available in various materials, including hardwood, polysatin and hybrid. Offered by renowned and prominent brands like Hunter Douglas, these interior shutters are eco- friendly and safe.

Also, interior shutters are perfectly suited for any home in the Covington area and can last for a long time without showing any sign of damage.

If you are confused as what size and which type of interior shutters will be appropriate for your windows, let our experts assist you in making the right choice.

Their considerable experience and thorough knowledge about interior shutters and other window treatment options makes them ideal choice to help you select window shutters, which are durable, easy to maintain and can keep serving your needs for years.

Give us a call at 253-236-9600 to get detailed information about our services in Covington and products such as plantation shutters, interior shutters, or any other type of window shutters.