Cellular Shades for Beauty and Energy Efficiency in Maple Valley Homes


Window coverings, if chosen carefully, can boost the beauty and appearance of your home considerably. However, apart from serving as a décor item, these can also improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Cellular shades do just that, and that is why more and more homes in the Maple Valley area are opting for this very elegant and practical window covering option.

Cellular shades are also preferred over other window covering options because they are low maintenance and available in an extensive variety of shades, sizes and textures.

It is very easy to install cellular shades, and they can be upgraded without much effort. This ensures that you can conveniently find the kind of color and design you are looking for in your cellular shades.

Cellular shades and cellular blinds can instill your home in the Maple Valley area with a charming appearance.

Honeycomb Blinds by Hunter Douglas for the Maple Valley Resident


Whatever your choice might be, we at Window-ology have an incredible selection of window covering options to serve your needs. Honeycomb shades are known for their versatility, apart from the obvious charming appearance and delicate feel.

Honeycomb bllinds can act as a great medium for providing insulation, while letting only minimal amount of light enter your home.

When selecting honeycomb blinds for your Maple Valley home, you should consider their:

  • Energy efficiency level
  • Opacity level
  • Color and design

Once you have decided the type and design of honeycomb blinds you want, getting them is easy from our specialty store in Maple Valley.

Apart from offering finest range of cellular shades and honeycomb blinds, we also provide related services like taking measurements and installation, thus ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free experience for you.

Cellular Blinds for Maple Valley • Duette and Applause Honeycomb Shades


It is the unique and innovative design of honeycomb shades that makes them so effective for keeping your home insulated irrespective of the weather outside.

The cells of cellular blinds can trap the air and not let it pass through. If you too are planning to give your home an appealing touch with these delicate cellular blinds, then consider visiting our store, where you can explore an amazing range of options.

Window-ology is your ultimate destination to get solutions for your cellular blinds or other window covering needs in the Maple Valley area.

We are renowned for offering cellular blinds and honeycomb shades manufactured by renowned brands, which are known to match international quality and are unique in their design and concept.

Give us a call at 253-236-9600 to find immediate solutions to any queries you might have regarding options for cellular shades or honeycomb shades for Maple Valley homes.