Faux Wood Blinds Provide the Kent Homeowner Beauty and Privacy


Timeless beauty, classic and elegant: these are a few words associated with wood, which is highly preferred for its warm and natural look.

Faux wood blinds make a great choice if you do not have the time or resources to maintain real wood. Qualities that make these faux wood blinds so popular among homeowners in Kent are:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Durability
  • Cost effectiveness
  • More variety

Window-ology offers its clients in Kent faux wood blinds, which are very reasonably priced and are available in an amazing variety in terms of colors and sizes.

Faux wood blinds, due to their many favorable qualities, are fast becoming the first choice of Kent homeowners. Their immaculate finish and charming appearance makes it almost impossible to differentiate faux wood blinds from real wood blinds.

Wood Blinds for Kent Homes • Hunter Douglas Parkland & EverWood Blinds


Wooden blinds are an ideal way to bring the freshness and subtleness of nature in your home. Whether you like a contemporary setting or a traditional décor style, wooden blinds are perfect to match every taste and can add to the beauty of any area of your Kent home.

For those who want the real thing for their homes in the Kent area, wooden blinds are available in a variety of shades and finishes.

Many people look for other options such as faux wood blinds, considering real wood blinds to be too expensive and out of their budget. However, the variety of wooden blinds we offer at Window-ology is not only of the finest quality, but is also very reasonably priced.

Horizontal and Vertical Wooden Blinds for Kent Windows


The class, elegance and charm that wooden blinds can lend to your home in Kent are truly unmatched. You can transform even the most ignored and simple corner of your home into the center of everyone’s attention just by adding wooden blinds in attractive shades and textures.

You can choose from an extensive variety of lighter and darker shades of wood, depending on the amount of light you want to allow in. Also the natural look of wood can be easily matched to the existing décor of any area, be it the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Choosing the right window coverings can make a considerable difference to the entire ambiance of your Kent home, making it look really exclusive and appealing. Wooden blinds can help you achieve this goal in a very easy and quick manner.

To know more about our extensive product range of hardwood and faux wood blinds, or for any other query, you can contact us at 253-236-9600.